Nomura-Haiphong Industrial Zone Development Corporation

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* Internal roads consists of main road system (30m width) and sub-road system (20m width), which facilitate the convenient and smooth transportation inside NHIZ.

* External road system: Road No.5 and Road No.10, which are adjacent to NHIZ will make easy access to key international sea ports, airport, Ha Noi capital and other localities in North Vietnam.

* Power supply: The tenants are provided with both voltage level 22KV or 380V from EVN power source by using NHIZ station 110KV/60MVA and distribution network.

* Water supply: The water supply facility of NHIZ with capacity of 13,500m3/day.

* Waste water treatment plant: Advanced equipment and using biological treatment method with the capacity of 10,800m3/day.

* Standard factories: Consist of four 04-storey blocks and two flat blocks. NHIZ's ready-built factories are fully fitted with air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting system, which facilitate the tenants to have quick start-up and cost-efficient operation.

* Telecommunication: 3,000 lines.

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110KV Power Station

Water Supply Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Internal road

Address: Management Building Nomura-Haiphong Industrial Zone
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